Is the food cooked on-site?

Yes, all food items are prepped fresh off-site and then cooked to order at your event to serve hot to your guests.

Do You Do Branded Carts?

Yes, we offer a fully customizable branding solution. We can style the front of the cart signage, along with branded coffee cups, churro paper and more just to your liking! Simply chat with us about what your envisioning and we will make it happen for an additional cost.

Do You Offer Other Food Items Besides Churros and Coffee?

Yes. We can also offer other taco and quesadilla options, as well as other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage offerings. Please visit the Menu page for more details and full selection.

Do You Provide Staff to Serve the Food?

For all events we provide a minimum of two friendly El Churrero staff members, which is adjusted and recommended to you according to your guest numbers and requirements.

Sit back and relax! We bring everything we need to serve you and your guests, including but not limited to, serving vessels napkins, straws, cups, etc. We will also remove all rubbish upon departure.

What Do You Bring?

Do you serve everything from the cart?

Yes, we will typically serve everything from the cart; however, if we need other tables for prep, etc., we will be sure to inform you in advance and provide them for our needs.

Our cart is 4ft x 6ft and will not be able to fit through average doorways; however, the cart is on wheels and we are able to get into backyards, driveways, reception areas and other locations that have a 4-ft entrance.

Will you fit in our building/home?