El Churrero’s concept was founded on the shores of Cardiff-by-the-sea California, in 2015. After living and working abroad, I was astounded to come back home to find that there wasn’t an authentic Mexican churro catering option to be found! San Diego is home to hundreds of Southern California’s best Mexican restaurants; but no one specializing in the world’s greatest treat – the Churro. That just would not do. 

So with the help of my wife’s expertise in branding and marketing, coupled with my vision to create an easily accessible, premium and delicious catering option, El Churrero has come to life.

I strongly believe that simplicity, craftsmanship and a ‘can do’ attitude is the key to providing the best quality product. And we are thrilled to finally offer our completely customizable cart that delivers mouth-watering churros and our special horchada cold brew coffee whenever, wherever, your heart desires them!

Founder and Chef, 


We Created El Churrero because parties can be so much better...and so can dessert
— Chef Hanson